Clarify Your Value Proposition: Publish or Perish

Investors rarely comprehend the true value of professional advisory services. Their first questions are inevitably about returns, believing investment performance is the primary criteria.

You know that the calm guidance you provide—particularly when the markets are roiling and investors tend to panic—has greater consequence than picking stocks. Merely helping clients avoid major mistakes due to their behavioral predispositions and biases can be more valuable than minor performance disparity. That can be a difficult subtlety to communicate to the uninitiated, however.

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Stimulating Referrals

If you’re among the 99% of investment managers who haven’t published a book, you’re overlooking a potent marketing tool.

A book is a powerful vehicle for stimulating inquiries via client referrals. Give two copies of your book to clients who are likely referral sources: a personally signed hardcopy for your client and a softcover version to pass on to a referral. The book makes it easy for clients to refer others. They don’t have to describe your capabilities, credentials or trustworthiness; it’s all in your book.

Authorship is inherently credible. You become “the advisor who wrote the book.”

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Getting Started with Your Book

A poll among financial advisors and asset managers revealed that while 90% believe authoring a book is a smart marketing strategy, less than 1% have been published.

Why the disparity?

The prospect of writing a book can be daunting to a busy professional. Many say they simply don’t have the time to write, or lack the energy after long business hours. Some question whether they can organize their thoughts into a coherent and compelling format. Others fear they lack the necessary writing skills but question if a ghostwriter will understand their business or accurately portray their positioning. Some assume it will be too costly or won’t deliver commensurate value.

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