Stimulating Referrals

If you’re among the 99% of investment managers who haven’t published a book, you’re overlooking a potent marketing tool.

A book is a powerful vehicle for stimulating inquiries via client referrals. Give two copies of your book to clients who are likely referral sources: a personally signed hardcopy for your client and a softcover version to pass on to a referral. The book makes it easy for clients to refer others. They don’t have to describe your capabilities, credentials or trustworthiness; it’s all in your book.

Authorship is inherently credible. You become “the advisor who wrote the book.”

Last year, over 70% of book sales were in eBook format. A turnkey book package provides all three formats: electronic, laminate and hardcover. Print-on-demand technology allows you to choose how many copies for your initial order — as few or as many as you wish. There’s nod need to specify a large amount because the cost per unit varies little with volume. This means you won’t be throwing away hundreds of unused copies when you revise your book in response to regulatory, tax law or other changes.

You can minimize your time commitment by choosing an experienced financial ghostwriter who understands your business, whether an investment manager, financial advisor, hedge fund manager, broker or family office. Choose a writer who has worked successfully with compliance; a writer with marketing savvy who can seamlessly guide you through the entire process, from inception to publication and distribution to the major retail and online outlets if you wish.

Collaboration with a professional writer minimizes your time involvement and reduces revisions. Within a few months, you have a polished marketing vehicle that will impress prospects and set you apart from the competitive herd.