Clarify Your Value Proposition: Publish or Perish

Investors rarely comprehend the true value of professional advisory services. Their first questions are inevitably about returns, believing investment performance is the primary criteria.

You know that the calm guidance you provide—particularly when the markets are roiling and investors tend to panic—has greater consequence than picking stocks. Merely helping clients avoid major mistakes due to their behavioral predispositions and biases can be more valuable than minor performance disparity. That can be a difficult subtlety to communicate to the uninitiated, however.

Many advisors simply tell prospects what they want to hear. Against that kind of obfuscation, how do you make a convincing argument for a genuine value proposition?

Becoming a published author can provide the perceived credibility to overcome that obstacle. A compelling book is the ultimate business card and a superb referral vehicle as it gives clients a convenient means of referring you: they simply give their friends your book. Prospects see you are a notch above the herd because you are one of the one percent who have published. You’re “the advisor who wrote the book.”

Unlike prospect conversations where much of what you say is forgotten within hours, a book is tangible. They spend time with you. They can read and re-read your message. They get to know you and feel more comfortable. You gain their confidence.

A great book typically takes about twelve months from inception to completion. Collaboration with an experienced financial ghostwriter can streamline the process and minimize your time commitment to a few hours each month.

I’ve written for investment managers and financial professionals for 35 years. Let’s talk about your book.