Authorship Advantages

Attracting and retaining investors requires a continuous marketing effort. After 40 years of working exclusively with financial professionals, I’ve found nothing that generates investor interest and enhances credibility better than being a published author. 

Presenting prospective clients with a well-written book makes a powerful first impression. Having your book available for electronic download (over 90% of books sold are now electronic versions) on Amazon, Google and other websites expands your visibility. Being a published author also increases opportunities for media appearances, article requests and publicity.

Give clients a signed hardcover copy of your book and include a softcover version or two for referrals. It makes it easier for clients to recommend you without having to try to explain your strategy to others. The book covers it all.

Today’s POD technology means you don’t have to order copies in bulk to gain printing cost efficiencies. The per-unit cost is essentially the same whether you order 100 or 1,000 copies. Because both electronic and print versions are created from a master PDF, you can quickly revise the book’s content should regulations, market conditions or other changes occur. You will never be stuck with boxes of outdated books. 

Is it cost effective? The net cost of being published is typically recovered by the acquisition of a single new client or two. A book gives you a forceful marketing tool to help retain clients and support your branding. It’s a singular vehicle that breaks through the clutter of advertising by the industry’s deep pocket firms. 

The trend of investors moving from advisory relationships to self-directed accounts is a threat to investment managers everywhere. Becoming “the guy who wrote the book” is an effective way to justify your management fees.  There may have never been a more important time to have the imprimatur of being a published author.