The Power of Published Credibility

Like a rising tide raises all ships, an extended rising market convinces a lot of people they can successfully manage their own money. Combined with the relentless advertising of online trading platforms promoting DIY investing, the trend of investors moving from advisory relationships into self-directed accounts is undeniable.

The need for advisor/asset manager credibility is greater than ever. The surest and quickest way to secure credibility is to publish a book reflecting your investment philosophy/strategy. Being published has always provided professional credibility.

Speaking at a Retirement Income Summit in New York, “financial guru” Edward Slott told financial professionals they “Should step up their visibility among their competitors,” adding that “Disenchanted clients have parted ways with advisers who haven’t met their standards, and they are searching for advisers that they trust.”

There is no better way to promote trust among investors who don’t know you than to be the advisor who wrote the book. The book can also be a potent referral vehicle: give your clients a signed hardcover copy of your book and include a softcover version or two for referrals. It makes it easier for them to recommend you without having to try to explain what you do. Your book covers it all.

With the emergence of the Internet, published advisors have the advantage of seeing their names and book titles pop up on search engines. Excerpts from the book can be posted on your website. The book becomes a potent addition to prospect presentations, seminars and speaking engagements.

Selected content from the book can be the source of queries to the financial media for feature article opportunities, guest columns, or interviews with staff writers and financial columnists. Book authorship is how many of the industry’s high-profile advisors and managers first attracted media coverage.

Authoring a book can open up a dozen different doors leading to greater visibility and market presence, media opportunities, third party endorsements, enhanced credibility and most importantly, additional managed assets.

That’s pretty powerful stuff.